kristal klaar

John Van Laethem, a clarinet teacher at the Kunsthumaniora Brussel, got the idea to organise concerts with the best students of the College to promote their talents (at that of the teachers at the same time). Jurgen Wayenberg, the director, remarked that the College had no experience what so ever with organising cultural events and proposed to delegate the idea to De Vrienden van Brosella. He asked VVB to take care of the production of the events.

It was decided from the start that the concerts would be scheduled at the Spiegelzaal (mirror room) of “De Markten” center, which is situated at the old premises of the Cristallerie Val-Saint-Lambert. Kristal Klaar (crystal bright) was an obvious name for the project, referring to the location and the talents & artistic future of the students.

The project is to evolve in the future and will not only focus on the students’ musical talents, but also on how they should sell themselves “on the market”. Till now, a lot of schools, academies, art colleges an conservatories delivered very talented virtuosi, who had no idea how to find a job after being graduated.

VVB’s organisational skills is an asset in this approach. This project tends to be a highstanding cultural project, but at the same time it is a totally new pedagogical contribution to the teaching community. It tends to be a laboratory, closely connected to the Art and Culture education, as we know it today.