Kristal Klaar Vocals: “Things Behind the Sun”


Kristal Klaar Vocals: “Things Behind the Sun”

Singer Sander De Winne presents together with pianist Alex Koo in the project “Things Behind the Sun” a program dedicated to the music of the fantastic singer and guitarist Nick Drake and his mother Molly Drake.

The singer-songwriter Nick Drake, who passed away in 1974, was especially successful after his death, and to this day his three albums, “Five Leaves Left”, “Bryter Layter” and “Pink Moon” remain an undisputed influence on many musicians in jazz and pop music. Nick Drake died at an early age after taking an overdose of medication, so far it remains unclear whether it was an accident or a suicide. The introverted Drake struggled with depression for years and failed to make his music successful, at least not alive. The last two years of his life he lived at home and he did not perform live concerts anymore. Only afterwards it became clear how sophisticated his music was. He wrote beautiful lyrics, had a unique voice, composed complex melodies & harmonies and had a flawless guitar playing!

The concert will be opened by students of Sander De Winne of the fifth, sixth and seventh year of the Kunsthumaniora: Lisa Baert, Adinda Hertmans, Leah Chanmugam, Arunee Verlaenen, Kevin Levande, Eline Nicause, Ishtra Swinnen and Eline Weckhuysen. Each of them was instructed to get started with a Nick or Molly Drake song and to familiarize themselves with the song in their own way. Their concert will be accompanied by the brilliant Brussels piano and guitar player Pierre Anckaert.

In the second part Sander De Winne performs with Alex Koo. In addition to the repertoire of Nick Drake, they will also present a number of own compositions that fit perfectly into the context and atmosphere of the theme. De Winne and Koo have previously played together in other ensembles, but this is the first time that they perform in duo. De Winne wants to keep the music of Nick Drake as pure and intimate as possible and therefore chooses a duo-setting, creating a lot of space for both musicians. The duo does not only work on songs by Nick Drake, but also dives into the limited repertoire of his mother, Molly Drake, whose home recordings with beautiful lullabies, sang and played on the piano, were posthumously released.

Sander De Winne, together with the fantastic pianist Alex Koo, plunges into the repertoire of the singer in an attempt to put Drake’s musical language into his own hands and show once again how important the musical legacy of Nick Drake is.

Alex Koo, who’s living in Brussels, is an extremely talented young pianist, who has built an amazing career in a couple of years. He spent two-and-a-half years in the mecca of jazz, New York, where he recently recorded an album with star-saxophonist Mark Turner and trumpet player Ralph Alessi. He also has a trio with bassist Lennart Heyndels and drummer Dré Pallemaerts and is a much in demand as a sideman in the Belgian and Dutch scene.


• DATE: Thursday May 3, 2018 at 20:00
• LOCATION: G.C. De Markten (Spiegelzaal) – Oude Graanmarkt 5 1000 Brussels
• TICKETS: 14.00 € / +65 & -26: 10,00 € / Students Kunsthumaniora Brussel and Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel: 7.00 €
• INFO AND RESERVATION: Brosella: 02 474 06 41 (info) (reservation)