Kristal Klaar – Virtuoso Vocals


Kristal Klaar – Virtuoso Vocals

The voice is a universal fact. Everyone has one and uses it in his or her own, unique way. Sadness, joy, anger or amazement, the voice expresses all of our human emotions and when people start singing together, the togetherness is complete.

All along this concert evening, the voice is the connecting factor between all styles instructed at the Kunsthumaniora Brussel: classical, musical, pop & jazz. Supported by teachers and supervisors, students shape their own style, sound and personality into their own preferred music. A solo performance or together with others, a-capella or accompanied by piano. Everything is possible, as long as it is virtuoso vocal! Be prepared for pure enjoyment!

Vocaal Ensemble – Kunsthumaniora Brussel

The Vocal Ensemble of the Kunsthumaniora Brussel (GO) is a mixed choir consisting of some 20 students from the disciplines Music and Musical, directed by David De Geest and accompanied by Roel Peeters. The choral tradition is the mark sign throughout the student’s curriculum. Due to the innovative explosive growth of the school, motivated singers are easily found and selected for this ensemble. They give the best of themselves, as they are convinced that quality prevails. The youthful enthusiasm of these students and especially the intense enjoyment of singing together, makes all this happen. During each school year, the Vocal Ensemble performs at festive events organized by the senior management of GO. These events take place on a regular base in Tour & Taxis or in the Flemish Parliament. Today the Vocal Ensemble will present some classic songs to create an intimate, unique atmosphere.

David De Geest, conductor

David De Geest is a Master in Music who graduated in 2007 with great distinction at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent in the Music Theory/Scripture and Management program. He is Choir lecturer at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and at the Kunsthumaniora Brussel. He’s also conductor of the symphonic orchestra Lumen Symphonicum, specialized in the classical Viennese repertoire. David completed his education in Germany and at the University of Oxford. He conducted some 300 performances in Belgium and abroad with choirs and orchestras from Oxford, Dresden, Milan, Bulgaria, Mexico and Japan and performed at the Vatican and in Lisbon, Tokyo and Seoul. He has produced CDs with choral and orchestral work by Händel, Vivaldi, Mozart and Haydn, among others. He performed in BOZAR for Europalia China and conducted several times for the Belgian Royal Family. With his Cinematic Art Choir, David worked in 2016 and 2017 with Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard for live concerts in, among others, the Elisabeth Hall in Antwerp, Salle Pleyel in Paris and Concertgebouw Amsterdam.

Roel Peeters, piano

Roel Peeters studied at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and obtained the degree of Master in Music – option Music theory (2006) and option Music notation (2008). Roel works full-time at Kunsthumaniora Brussel as a teacher of General Music, Music theory, Choir and Close Harmony. He is also coordinator of the 7th (preparatory) year Musical. Since 2012, Roel has also been affiliated with the musical department of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels as a lecturer in AMV. In addition to teaching, Roel is a much-needed all-round musician. He has been an organist in the churches in Lennik since the age of 12. He shared the stage with many Flemish artists as a pianist and keyboard player.

Vocals pop & jazz

The four graduating students, Lisa, Eline, Adinda and Arunee have chosen music that fits them perfectly. Challenging music, but at the same time very personal and familiar. Performances will be sometimes in duet, sometimes they will be joined by a few fellow students or just on their own as a solo artist. They are accompanied by Pierre Anckaert on piano and guitar.

Helena Fontyn, singing teacher

Her passion for music and singing became clear in her very early years, singing and dancing on her parents’ coffee table. She completed in 1999 her studies Jazz and Light Music at the Conservatory of Antwerp. For the past 25 years she has been singing in Belgium and abroad on stages and in studios with national and international artists, including Marco Borsato, Scorpions, Natalia, Admiral Freebee, Barbara Dex, Lionel Richie, Anastacia, Michael McDonald and Nile Rogers. Her voice can also be heard in numerous commercials and radio jingles. Her profound love for jazz is very present in her own projects. ‘Songs in the Key of life’ is an ode to the wonderful music of Stevie Wonder and ‘The Joy of Jazz’ is a review of 100 years of jazz! At the concert, one will hear a number of songs from these two performances and the pop-jazz students will be thrilled to participate.


• DATE: Thursday November 15, 2018 at 20:00
• LOCATION: G.C. De Markten (Spiegelzaal) – Oude Graanmarkt 5 1000 Brussels
• TICKETS: 14.00 € / +65 & -26: 10,00 € / Students Kunsthumaniora Brussel and Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel: 7.00 €
• INFO AND RESERVATION: Brosella: 02 474 06 41 (info) (reservation)