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The Bad Plus



Modern jazz 2.0

From 2000 onwards, this jazz trio started to create a furore with modern jazz displaying influences from rock and pop, and soon the band was one of the first jazz hypes of the twenty-first century. It therefore came like a thunderbolt in a clear blue sky when pianist Ethan Iverson announced his resignation in 2017. It seemed the end of the story for this super-trio, but barely a year later the band makes a strong statement with the delicious “Never Stop II” with pianist Orrin Evans. And it immediately strikes your attention that the powerful sound of the triumvirate, where each of the instruments is equally important, is still very present.

The Bad Plus is anything but a standard piano trio. For 18 years and 13 albums, the band has stretched the limits of what is possible with this classical jazz line up. They renew and blend their jazz with pop and rock music. The Bad Plus was instantly famous with their idiosyncratic adaptations of music from outside jazz: from pop and punk to classical and avant-garde, from Nirvana via Aphex Twin to Radiohead and Stravinsky, but their own adventurous compositions also made a great impression. Their energetic performances gave the Americans an exceptional reputation worldwide. Their calling cards are drum parts influenced by rock, bass-controlled groove and swelling melodic improvisations on piano.

With Orrin Evans on piano, bassist Reid Anderson and drummer Dave King, the collective sound and approach of the trio is preserved. Each group member delivers compositions in which the band sound comes first. The Bad Plus is alive and kicking and is making its first Belgian appearance in the new line up at Brosella.

Reid Anderson - double bass
Orrin Evans - piano
Dave King - drums