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© Annie Boedt

Brussels Poetry Collective


Brussels doesn’t need just one city poet, but several. Writer David Van Reybrouck and poet Peter Vermeersch, together with Passa Porta, developed a multicultural and multilingual poetry collective. In 2014, they passed the project on; new members have joined the collective and new projects are being developed. Passa Porta offers guidance in the collective’s creative work, and handles the non-creative red tape. The actual members are Taha Adnan, Adolfo Barberá, Frank De Crits, Geert van Istendael, Maky, Manza, Serge Meurant, Ramón Neto, Xavier Queipo, Elke de Rijcke, Kader Sevinç, Silvia Vainberg and Bart Vonck.

In 2016, they brought a poetic tribute to the victims of the terrorist attacks of March 22, presented earlier at la Bourse. Last year, they presented at the festival a selection of their recent poems about “living in Brussels”. And this year every poet will introduce a new work dedicated to the city of Brussels and the festival.

Being a city of many languages and cultures, Brussels is an incredibly rich source of poetry. We’re not a government initiative; we don’t do city marketing. We bring poetry to the city, but we also reveal the poetry of the city. Our poems are open source: we’re always allowed to remix or revise each other’s work.