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Anne Niepold • Carte Blanche


Carte Blanche ‘Musette is not Dead’

Ten years ago, Anne Niepold was presented with the first Toots Thielemans award by a beaming Toots, who was delighted that the diatonic accordion, just as atypical a jazz instrument as the harmonica, was highlighted. It was therefore written in the stars that we would give accordionist Anne Niepold a carte blanche at Brosella someday. In recent years, Anne has taken some big steps. She has developed as a composer, as witness her project with the classical quartet Alfama, and impresses by playing her diatonic instrument as a chromatic accordion.

At Brosella Anne will play her own compositions with her new jazz trio, with double bass player Hendrik Vanattenhoven and drummer Etienne Plumer, with which she intends to release an album at the end of this year, and then extends the trio to the musette-septet 'Musette is not Dead'. The link to the musette swing is complete when the dance couple Sep Vermeersch and Leni Denorme take the stage. "I do not consider Sep and Leni to be just dancers, but as full-fledged musicians," says Anne, "What they do, transcends dance."

Anne Niepold looks through the clichés of the jazz musette to come up with her own musical story in which musette and swing, brass, woodwinds and accordion, popular music and her own compositions are perfectly juxtaposed. In Niepold's approach, the genre is far from dead and definitively joins the 21st century.

Anne Niepold - accordion
Stefan Bracaval - flute
Nicolas Garnier - oboe
Loïc Dumoulin - trumpet, bugle
Frederik Heirman - trombone
Hendrik Vanattenhoven - double bass
Etienne Plumer - drums
Sep Vermeersch - dance
Leni Denorme - dance