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La Mal Coiffée



Vocal female power from Occitania

The four angelic voices of La Mal Coiffée have been drawing their inspiration for more than a decade from old folk songs from the Languedoc, the region where the Occitan language is still alive. The female singers modulate the songs into dynamic polyphony that is empowered by a fiery rhythm, which makes them like the female counterparts of Lo Cor de la Plana and Du Bartas. With the help of Laurent Cavalié (Du Bartas) they are able to transform local poetry and literature into catchy, polyphonic songs, accompanied by a dozen different types of percussion.

Their brand-new album E Leons translates Henry Bauchau's book "Diotime et les lions" into a true concept album that tells about the clash between passion and reason. At Brosella, the four committed singers will also perform songs from their four previous albums and show how they honour the Beggars' title “La mal cofada”, referring to poorly cut female rebels.

Karine Berny - bombo leguero, chacha
Myriam Boisserie - pétadou, chacha, kayamb, adufe
Marie Coumes - frame drum, roseau
Laëtitia Dutech - tambureddu, adufe, bendhir, tambour