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Os d’Abaixo


Lively dance music from northern Spain

Galicia, situated in the northwest of Spain, with Santiago de Compostela as its capital, is home to one of the liveliest folk traditions in Europe. One of the newest branches on the Galician folk tree is Os d'Abaixo, which includes musicians from two legendary bands: Berrogüetto and Fía na Roca. The band from Compostela was founded by a group of friends to accompany dance groups and parties, but soon found itself performing at the most important Galician festivals.

The first album to have been recorded live at the Festival Interceltique de Lorient speaks volumes. Os d'Abaixo - those from below - was born to perform on stage and knows how to conquer with its dance music, at home and abroad. That's why it is very difficult to keep still at the sound of the muñeiras, jotas and other paso dobles.

At Brosella, the band will present its second album "Quixera ser dos paxaros". The album was this time recorded in studio and consists mainly of never-before-published work that the band managed to track down in the Galician villages. The record alternates fresh dance music with more intimate songs. A premiere for Belgium!

Roberto Rama Castroaguín - gaita, saxophone
Xacobe Varela Álvarez - gaita, bouzouki, vocals
Xaquín López Fariña - violin
Xosé Ramón Vázquez Carreira - accordion, vocals
Ricardo González Martín - bombo, tambor
Gonzalo Goas Amado - guitar, vocals