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Romane & Stochelo Rosenberg


Jazz, Swing, Manouche

Gypsy guitar masters

A breathtaking and virtuoso trio with two renowned guitarists, who each brought the heritage of Django Reinhardt to the next generations in their countries. Romane and Stochelo Rosenberg take you through the repertoire of Django Reinhardt, together with double bass player Marc-Michel Lebévillon. A pure moment of happiness where vibrato and other technical ingenuity are at the service of emotion!

Romane and Stochelo Rosenberg are described as the "Masters of Gypsy Guitar" and that is far from an exaggeration. Both gentlemen are exceptional musicians at the top of their game, each with their own personality.
Stochelo Rosenberg is known as the soloist of the Rosenberg trio and exemplifies the Dutch guitar school that combines virtuosity and elegance, resulting in a typical vibrato. He became famous in the Netherlands at the age of twelve through his performance in the children's television program 'Stuif es in'. This was the start of a brilliant career that led him to Carnegie Hall via the Django Reinhardt Festival in Samois-sur-Seine.
Romane is generally regarded as a master in the Django style - the story goes that he taped two fingers at the age of ten to play with the technique of his example - who developed his own style within this framework. Of course, he can play fluent arpeggios and dexterous tunes, but he usually limits the number of notes in a melody, zigzags between chords and lingers on a single note to create a subtle climax to the song. He was honoured in France with the Prix Sidney Bechet of l'Académie du jazz and with the Grand Prix du Jazz.

It is therefore not surprising that the duets of these masters remain far away from a guitar competition. Both musicians play with incredible feeling and ease, take the time to listen to each other and radiate such fun, that the audience can’t resist joining them.

Romane - guitar
Stochelo Rosenberg - guitar
Marc-Michel Lebévillon - double bass