Band Application

If you wish to sent your application for the festival, please keep in mind that we are not able to reply to all applications individually.
We also ask you to keep in mind the period of the festival and his musical identity to avoid overwhelming our mailbox with non relevant information.

When sending your mail, please provide at least the following information:

      • Artist Name* What is the name of the artist/band
      • Short Bio*
      • Useful links to your Website, Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, EPK or other relevant websites
      • Motivation* Write a short motivation here. Would the gig be part of a special project? (e.g. Special guests, thematic project, CD release, tour, etc…)
      • Outline Genre* (Jazz, Folk, …)
      • List 1-3 direct influences/associated acts
      • Your fee* in EUR
      • Other financial information such as other expenses (travel,….) Accommodation (hotel , hot meal) is always on our expenses!
      • Technical Notes*, describe the backline roughly
      • Describe the  travelling party and the roles of the individuals
      • Contact information: Name*, Role(s)*,  Email,  Phone, …

Information marked with * is required. Do not attach files to your mail but provide links to audio/visual material or share the information via dropbox or other similar tool.

Your mail can be sent to play [ at ]

Good luck.

The Brosella Programming Commission